onchain reputation system for

From centralized gatekeeping to permissionless marketplaces,

enabled by peer-to-peer reputation systems


Permissionless open marketplaces require a verifiable reputation layer to aid users in making informed decisions before interacting with goods, software, applications, or sellers.

OpenRank supports a ranking and reputation system, adaptable for any marketplace, application store, or on-chain market, regardless of scale.

This will:

Introduce transparency of how rating, rankings, and recommendations are done.

Reduce reliance on a single/centralized gate-keeping for safety and trustworthiness.

Enable customized and personalized discovery, search, and recommendations for end users.

case study

How we used OpenRank compute to build bespoke reputation systems for marketplaces.


A prototype for permissionless distribution for Snaps, where the community of Snaps users, developers, auditors, and security experts safeguard Snaps based on collective community wisdom and sentiments, instead of centralized gate-keeping and curation.

The reputation of the community member is utilized to create a community reputation system for Snaps.

The key components of this system are:

Peer-to-Peer Attestations:
Users can issue Trust (and Distrust) assertions to each other, endorsing or reporting the trustworthiness of other users

Peer-to-Snap Attestations:
Users can issue Trust (and Report) assertions to Snaps, expressing opinions about the safety or security of a Snap.

Trust computer
A verifiable compute layer that runs an open source algorithm to generate rankings for users and snaps based on community sentiment.

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